Guest Post by VIP @aaronconrad about Compassion Int’l

OK, so it is no secret that one of my favorite people in the world is Aaron Conrad. We have been friends for a few years and although distance in miles separates us, our hearts are kindred. He posted on his blog about Compassion International, an organization that is doing an incredible job of healing… Continue reading Guest Post by VIP @aaronconrad about Compassion Int’l

The High Calling Newsletter

The High Calling Newsletter

I came across the High Calling website and found it to be very informational as well as inspirational (a word that you don’t find me using very often). I soon learned that they have a blogger newsletter that they send out weekly to approximately 20,000 subscribers. Each week, they promote the newsletter on Facebook with a shareable poster style image that contains a nugget of encouragement. This encouragement is a good way to gain focus. So often, we spend time giving and never take time to receive what God would like us to hear. Either way, I highly recommend checking out and perusing their weekly newsletter database. Enter as you are, leave changed.



Communion @ Watershed

 This is what an Easter tradition looks like at Watershed. If you are in the Charlotte area this Sunday, come on out at 10:30 a.m.   COMMUNION TABLE PALM SUNDAY @ WATERSHED Although we celebrate communion throughout the year, one of our traditions (although we’re only a 5 year old church) is commemorating Palm Sunday… Continue reading Communion @ Watershed