Who am I?

In April of 2016, through devastation, my life changed. I no longer thought I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t worthy, that I wasn’t deserving, and that I wasn’t loved. Instead, a shift occurred that reconciled my past and changed the trajectory of my future.  I am worthy I am deserving I am loved One… Continue reading Who am I?

Are you in?? Donate now!!!!! #community #RyanBeingRyan

Golf…..fun, frustrating, but mostly fun. 🙂 My father was an avid golfer. i remember him going on Saturday morning with his friends and coming back with great stories form the day. I unfortunately never had the opportunity to golf with him growing up and when he passed away in 1993, I began the process of… Continue reading Are you in?? Donate now!!!!! #community #RyanBeingRyan

Have you checked out @thewildletters yet? @yarby and @iamsamwhite get it

Sitting alone (well, other than the hustle and bustle of strangers around me) in a Starbucks sipping a vanilla sweet cream cold brew and pondering what it means to truly live. In my headphones, a playlist called The Wild Letters Playlist Vol. 2. The song? Taken by Young Summer. I happen along a certain website every… Continue reading Have you checked out @thewildletters yet? @yarby and @iamsamwhite get it

Celebrate Recovery Devotional – #bookreview

The road to recovery looks very different for everyone. But either way you see it, the main step is the first one. I would recommend that the CR Devotional become that companion to your first step. The Celebrate Recovery Devotional is various unique brief readings, planned as an every day support and consolation for millions who… Continue reading Celebrate Recovery Devotional – #bookreview