Who am I?

In April of 2016, through devastation, my life changed. I no longer thought I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t worthy, that I wasn’t deserving, and that I wasn’t loved. Instead, a shift occurred that reconciled my past and changed the trajectory of my future. 

I am worthy
I am deserving
I am loved

One of the fundamental questions we ask in life is: Who am I?
My simplistic answer to this question is this: My truest, purest, nonnegotiable identity is the beloved. And in spite of my checkered past, my fabulous flops, my painful history, my deepest flaws, my boneheaded screw-ups, and, yes, even beyond my own beliefs about myself, I am God’s beloved. This is my foundational identity and the foundational identity of every human being.

The bottom portion of this blog came from the People of the Second Chance devotional on the @youversion Bible app


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