Are you in?? Donate now!!!!! #community #RyanBeingRyan

Golf…, frustrating, but mostly fun. 🙂 My father was an avid golfer. i remember him going on Saturday morning with his friends and coming back with great stories form the day. I unfortunately never had the opportunity to golf with him growing up and when he passed away in 1993, I began the process of falling in love with the game. Well, in honor of my dad’s legacy, I would like to have you join me in raising money to benefit the UNPACKIN’ it Ministry. Read below:

We’re all busy, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.


  • I’m playing in a golf tournament to benefit UNPACKIN’ it Ministries. This is a cause I’m getting behind because of the impact they are making in the lives of sports fans. Their website is


  • ANY AMOUNT helps this ministry change the life of a sports fan through weekday devotionals, a weekly radio show, small groups, events, and more!


  • My Goal is to find 40 friends to sponsor this great event.


  • Your part is simple and huge…just hit REPLY and tell me that you are in for $50, $100…or even more, if you feel led.


  • Please list your mailing address and amount pledged,so I can send you a follow-up letter. Or you can simply give now by clicking here: CLICK HERE NOW
  • That’s it! If you just made a pledge, I’ll make sure you receive a letter following the tournament to tell you how well we did and where to mail your donation.


Thanks so much for support and for getting involved!




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