Where are you, God?

I took out time to read this morning and in my reading, I was challenged to take out my notes, set a timer for 10 minutes, ask the question, “Where are you, God?”, and then record what I hear. Below is that note and what I heard:

Where are you, God?
• I’m in your potential for healing
• I’m in your daughters’ smiles

• I’m in the constant backbone of Riggins

• I’m in the laugh of Patrick

• I’m in the consistency of Tony

• I’m in the attentive heart and timing of Curtis 

• I’m in the high level of care and new growth in Dionté 

• I’m in the positive thoughts from Joey

• I’m in the careful prayers of Aaron

• I’m in the provision of your financial needs

• I’m in your everyday dealings of loving on My children

• I’m in the love of Sabrina and Allison

• I’m in the compassion of Lauren

• I’m in your thoughts

• I’m in your heart

• I’m in that calm moment

• I’m in the chaos

• I’m in your breaking

• I’m in your victory 

• I’m in the smile of a stranger

• I’m in that song that comes on at just the right time and helps calm your heart

• I’m in the sunshine that lands on your face on a brisk morning

• I’m in the opportunity

• I’m in your future

• I’m in your past

• I’m in your NOW


Words don’t do justice for what I am feeling right now. To know that in the midst of my pain and wrecking, I am surrounded by a God who loves me, is paramount to my healing. May I (we) embrace today, raise my (our) head (s) high, and walk in victory.


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