Have you checked out @thewildletters yet? @yarby and @iamsamwhite get it

blog2Sitting alone (well, other than the hustle and bustle of strangers around me) in a Starbucks sipping a vanilla sweet cream cold brew and pondering what it means to truly live. In my headphones, a playlist called The Wild Letters Playlist Vol. 2. The song? Taken by Young Summer. I happen along a certain website every 2 or 3 weeks and just live vicariously through the adventures of Jason and Sam and various other contributors. The pictures are amazingly poignant and surreal. You know that moment when you see a photo and you can picture yourself in the exact spot where the picture was taken? Well, yeah, that’s how this website feels. Prime example: 16318243923_6c2ea031ce_oIt isn’t only the pictures that move me on this site, it is a combination between amazing videos, powerful music playlists, and the letters…..oh, the letters. Wild is the perfect word to describe. Untamed, uncaged, and real…..and that is what truly makes a letter wild.

As I currently sit in a time of uncertainty in my life, I am certain of one thing, I have been moved to find that I am in the perfect place to see new adventure around every corner. That this life is to be lived.

The line goes like this:

Let’s escape the ordinary. Explore new experiences, and share the stories that unravel before us. Create a moment that is forever brought to life.

May you, and I, travel and unravel what is intended for us to feel and breathe.

Be inspired. Be moved. Be.

Go check out the site here.


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