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Man, is there a better time than March Madness? The arguing about seeding (there is no way that North Carolina should be a #4 seed), the who’s in, who’s the first 4 out, why are there more than 64 teams, and finally, how could Michigan become so terrible in just one year? 😦 

But my favorite thing about this time of the year is filling out my brackets. Yes, I said brackets. I fill out multiple. I love the ability to pencil in a bunch of random teams and try to pick who I think is a winner (BTW…I am not very good at this). 

And as I love the bracket, this year , I love something more. My favorite charity, Equitas, is throwing a little bracket party. You’re going to fill out a bracket anyway but why not do it with intention and purpose? Equitas has thrown together a March Madness bracket challenge that will hopefully, help build a school in rural Malawi, Africa. Education is the one major game changer that can break cycles and change whole communities and Equitas wants to build one in Malawi. 

So, here is how it works:

Click this link and make at least a $25 donation (but be encouraged to donate more that the minimum) to Equitas and you will be emailed the Usergroup name and the password to the private Bracket Challenge Equitas group. Once there, you can fill out your bracket and not only hopefully win, but you will join with others in providing something greater than anything else, and that is HOPE! 

So, got it? Donate a minimum of $25, fill out a bracket, and hopefully win the challenge. 

Oh yeah, I forgot something very important. You have the potential to win one of 3 prizes with a total value of $175. That’s right, not only will you be providing education in Malawi, but you will also have a chance to win one of three prizes. The prize breakdown is as follows:

1st Place – $100 Amazon gift card

2nd Place – $50 Amazon gift card

3rd Place – $25 Amazon gift card

Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? Well, click here, join the fun, and let’s see who can win this thing! 


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