Summer Opp @WatershedCLT

So I just received the email below from the folks @ Watershed concerning an endeavor for this summer @ Walter G. Byers School. I plan on getting with my boss nest week to secure some days that I can head on over there to read to the young ‘uns. I have done it before and it was awesome! So….no excuses! Let’s do this!

Got 30 minutes
this summer?

Hey Catapult Volunteers…
Summer READING opps are available at Byers School!

We need your help!

Byers School has been chosen as a host site for a six week reading program starting June 18th – July 27th targeting 50 K-2nd grade students. Every day, the program kicks off with a “pep rally” to get the kids pumped up for the day ahead with cheers, chants, songs, and a “Read Aloud” time by a community guest… Community guest readers are asked to come and read a book, share a story, read a poem – whatever inspires them!

This is (hopefully!) where you come in – we think you would make GREAT community guests, and our goal is to fill 24 volunteer slots 🙂

We would LOVE to fill each and every “Read Aloud” time with a Watershed volunteer! The goal is to have a different guest for each of the 24 days of the program – would you partner with us to get these spots filled!? It’s an awesome way for us to continue to partner with Walter G. Byers School through the summer months.

Here are the details…

– The commitment is a one-time deal between June 18th and July 27th!
– Read Aloud time is a 30 minute commitment
– Show up at 8:25am ready to read a short story, read a poem, or share some other inspiring reading of your choice
– Bring your reading materials with you
– You’ll be finished by 9am

We have 17 spots left to fill between June 18th & July 27th. if you are interested in partnering with us, please email us at – we’ll let you know what dates are still available!

Thanks for your consideration and continued support in serving the students at Walter G. Byers School!

Scott & Kayla

Again….NO EXCUSES!! These kids need us. #LEGGO

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