Hello Somebody

Be Present——-

A tagline that really cuts to the quick in our Western culture today. Well, an incredible organization named Hello Somebody makes it a little bit easier now to Be Present. They have figured out that by offering really cool products such as watches and clothing, that they can help bring some relief to the injustices in the world. They are committed to providing this relief in 4 different areas: Food, education, hydration and freedom. They provide relevant consumer products thus providing support in their partnerships globally and locally. I own 4 HS Watches seen in this blog and I get so many questions about them. People are particularly fond of the yellow one. So, if you are someone who likes to give but doesn’t always know where to give, click here and order some cool swag.

So, you buy a watch, this allows you to Be Present in life and your money given allows HS to Be Present in someone’s life who needs it.



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