It’s Just A Joke

“It’s just a joke!”

“It wasn’t meant to hurt feelings.”

“You’re blowing this out of proportion, I was kidding.”

“Take an Alka Seltzer and lighten up.”

These are the answers and replies that people give when they make fun of people. Not knowing the extent of their words, they hide behind sarcasm and off color humor. But listen when i say this, it’s the COWARDS role.

Today, I saw a tweet from a “PASTOR” named Tiger Brooks. Tiger is a campus pastor at Indian Springs Baptist Church in Kingsport TN. 


So, I read this tweet from a pastor and it got me to thinking…I should maybe mention to him that his tweet was unwise. So, I sent this tweet…


Seemed like a fair assessment to me. I mean, a little over 24 hours ago, I witnessed my dear friend Kayla George, speak from the stage at our church, Watershed, about how she developed an eating disorder and how the skewed view of people helped necessitate her feelings of being worthless. Maybe if people in her life would have spoken positivity into her life, instead of negativity, then maybe she would have gone through life with a little less pain. Kayla’s words made me think about how our 3 daughters are growing up in a world where it isn’t getting any easier to be a woman. In fact, it seems to be even more difficult. And I want to protect those girls and my wife, more than anything! (You can hear Kayla’s message by clicking HERE . Click on the 3/25/2012 podcast)

Well, I sent the tweet anticipating a dialogue where both parties could understand the story and that we could both be better people when this dialogue ended. But instead, here is what I get….



Did this guy just really blame his own child for his moronic decision to go public with his insult of a 22 year old college girl? 

I would love to chalk this up to his Baptist ways (of which I formerly followed), or maybe in Tennessee they are allowed to insult women and treat them as lesser people. Who knows.

What I do know is that our words CAN and DO hurt. They are often sharper and more painful than any physical cut that we could ever endure. If more people were wiser with what they said, then I believe that more people could catch a glimpse of the Kingdom that Jesus talked about.


*This was written with all intention of showing the idea that what we say matters. And if what we say matters, then we (myself included) should choose what we say more wisely. I believe Tiger Brooks is probably a pretty cool dude. A typical person who says the wrong thing at the wrong time. And I firmly believe that redemption is to be had. That NOONE is beyond a second chance, because we are ALL People of the Second Chance! #POTSC . So if Tiger would like to have a civil conversation, and discuss how we can both improve I am all for it.


3 thoughts on “It’s Just A Joke

  1. Ryan – thanks for standing up for her. I once heard someone say that if you didn’t speak up against something you were essentially ratifying its existence.

    Take and alka seltzer and lighten up…

    And you still think he’s a cool dude, eh?

    1. Truthfully Des, I think my statement of him being a “pretty” cool dude, was my ill fated attempt at being a people pleaser. Felt like I HAD to say something nice about him to lessen the extent of what I said.

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