Tim Tebow

So, I had a friend of mine recommend that I check out the phone interview that Tim Tebow did with ESPN. He told me to listen to his reaction to the criticism that former Denver Broncos QB, Jake Plummer, referenced about Tim expressing his faith in God on the field and in the media. I have been a Tebow fan since his college days (except for one game where my Michigan Wolverines beat his Florida Gators in a bowl game). He has been such a competitor, a fighter, and an all around pretty good guy (from what I can tell, via media). This guy just refuses to lose…and has a heart even bigger off of the field than he has on it. So to hear his response to critics is no surprise but his painting the word picture comparison between expressing his love in Jesus and a husband telling his wife he loves her is stellar.

Here is the interview…go to the 9:33 mark for the comment reply. Absolutely priceless and classy remark.

Tim Tebow Interview

BTW…I just watched Tim march his team down the field and beat the Chargers in overtime. #winning


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