Book Review: Jolt! By Phil Cooke

I am reviewing the book, Jolt, by Phil Cooke. While I have always enjoyed Phil’s writing in blogs, articles, and such, this book seems to be a lot of the same repeated self help ideas that have been conveyed in so many books before it. I actually feel that Phil left so many areas untouched in this book. Perhaps it is because I am not in a midlife crisis, but I just didn’t connect to the information. Even though Phil relays a good bit of advice, it was a bit stale at times. One thing that Phil always does well is include quotes. And he included some great ones that I have never heard before. And he actually never says anything new. In fact, in his challenge to stretch new thinking, he says we just need to do what we have always done. A bit confusing at times. Even though Phil has always been known for inoovation, he falls short here. I was definitely not JOLTed.
I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through in exchange for my honest review of the book.


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