Communion @ Watershed

 This is what an Easter tradition looks like at Watershed. If you are in the Charlotte area this Sunday, come on out at 10:30 a.m.


Although we celebrate communion throughout the year, one of our traditions (although we’re only a 5 year old church) is commemorating Palm Sunday with a mini-feast meets communion of sorts. No shot glasses of juice and a morsel of bread for this meal – we create a spread…fresh fruits, chocolate, artisan breads….a table welcoming EVERYONE who steps in the door to be with our community that Sunday morning! Underscored by contemplative live music, peppered with spoken word and remembrances of THE TABLE where Jesus sat with his disciples a few thousand years ago, and surrounded by candlelit moments of contemplation and space to commune not only with God but each other as diverse community, the COMMUNION TABLE at Watershed is a highlight of our year you won’t want to miss.   
 In a drive-through culture, a mindset that sadly has overtaken the church at large’s observance of communion, we seek on this morning each year to truly BREAK BREAD; to be still, to remember, and to actively “Do this in remembrance” as a memorial of Jesus’ sacrifice and the beauty of collective recollection.

At a birthday party, the joy of someone’s past birth is “brought forward” and celebrated in the present as well as anticipating the person’s future life (“many happy returns!”). Similarly, at Passover, Israel symbolically re-lived the Exodus, both recalling God’s past deliverance that made them who they are in the present and also looking forward and anticipating the final deliverance of God’s people. They began to live it out here and now in the Passover feast.

And so we, Watershed, a community of Faith, Hope, Love and Justice, seek to live out God’s past faithfulness and present compassion by living it out in the here and now…not only with the gathering and breaking of bread in community but by carrying his image to the recesses of every facet of our daily lives. The meal, just the symbol…just the reminder…that we are his body, his followers, those who REMEMBER what He has done and WHAT HE IS DOING.   
Please come hungry this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and gather
around the COMMUNION TABLE with us at Watershed.


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