James Kirkham is IndieGoGo’ing!

Vroom Vroom…..let me preface this by saying that I am not a huge racing fan but I have learned a lot about it over the past year. I have learned it isn’t just for Southern rednecks, drunks, girls with no teeth, etc. But it is for the middle class, the lower class, the upper class, corporations, preps, hipsters, cool people, and northerners also. So I want to introduce you the the influencer who has changed my perception of the industry. Meet James Kirkham. One of the coolest dudes I know. James is a guy who had a dream and is totally chasing after it. He came to Charlotte, NC from his native Portland, Oregon. And let me just say that I am glad that he did. He has pushed and motivated me in so many aspects and his friendship is meaningful to me. With that said, I want to let you into one aspect of becoming a race car driver that you may not know…..it costs a lot of money. I know you may have realized this already but many people never realize that early in a driving career, a driver has to pay his own way. Without sponsors or family money, a driver is left to create the cash flow on his own. And James has been doing that steadily, I have watched this guy do everything from selling iPhones on eBay, build websites, work in marketing/PR, and do everything under the sun to earn a ride. Well, this guy has upped the game one more time. He has teamed up with the people at IndieGoGo and is beginning a grassroots crowd funding campaign to raise money to race in The Continental Tires Sports Car Challenge at the Virginia International Raceway on May 13-14. And here is where we come in. Ever thought, “man if I could just get my friends in on this, then I know I could really do something special”? Well here is your chance. Whether it is $10 or $500, everything matters here. So let’s do this. Get in, get involved, give, and give freely. Be the movement! Click HERE



3 thoughts on “James Kirkham is IndieGoGo’ing!

    1. Sometimes you get involved in a cause that you know is worth it. And for me, this is one of those causes.

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