Brandon Davies

Brandon Davies was dismissed from the BYU basketball team for violating the teams honor code. He was their 3rd leading scorer and was vital to the success of the #3 team in the country. It has been revealed that he admitted to the school that he had premarital sex with his girlfriend. I have been listening to a lot of debate about this over the past few days and I have a couple of thoughts.
My first thought is kudos to Brandon for coming forward and admitting his “mess up”. It is a long walk when you stand up and take account for your actions. Hopefully he is doing this in community with people who love and care for him.
My second thought is that I am glad that a university actually has an “honor code”. In today’s world, when athletes are idolized and can get away with anything, I am proud of BYU for having a code and for sticking to it (with the NCAA tournament looming weeks away). They could have kept this under wraps and just dealt internally, but they made a disciplinary decision and I applaud it.They are making this decision with the tournament around the corner and this decision will affect exactly how far their team advances in the tournament.
I attended a college that had a code of conduct policy as well. We signed a piece of paper acknowledging that we would obey the code. Brandon knew of the rules, he knew he broke the rule, and he knew he needed to confess. He accepted the punishment and is dealing with consequences. Big respect goes out to Brandon for doing this.

I wish more schools had honor codes. That might just create honorable businesses, honorable marriages, and more honorable relationships.


2 thoughts on “Brandon Davies

  1. Well said. When a man gives his word to obey a rule, he should follow it – if he breaks it, he’s even more of a man for standing up and admitting his fault.

  2. Thanks Todd. I just checked out your blog. First time that I ever saw that video of Carlos Whittaker and Danny. Awesome! Keep writing

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