Run for your life……

So, I am doing it! I am going to start running. 36 years of miles on my body and I definitely am due for a tuneup. As a “former” athlete, I can remember being in shape, playing basketball from 8 a.m. until midnight. I remember running through forests, dodging mud puddles and branches , all the while keeping a great pace. I recollect a time when I could ride my bike for miles and miles and never sweat. Well , the years have done me in. Today is the day that it changes. I begin this trek. Today, I weigh 236 lbs. Tomorrow, I will be svelte (like that word, huh?).
So let this be a tracking for the new life change and health. i mean I need to see our 3 beautiful daughters grow up and I need to spend many more years with my beautiful wife.
On a side note, here is my running playlist. I hope you can find something in it that will help you run for your life.

✓ Rise Up Baylor Football 2:40 David Crowder
✓ Power 1:42 Kanye West
✓ Bulls On Parade (1996) Evil Empire 3:51 Rage Against The Machine
✓ Remember The Name The Rising Tied 3:51 Fort Minor
✓ Boom Satellite 3:09 P.O.D.
✓ Boom Boom Pow The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies) 4:11 Black Eyed Peas
✓ Bodies (Let The Bodies Hit The Floor) 3:29 Drowning Pool
✓ Little Lion Man (2/17/10 Letterman) 3:24 Mumford & Sons
✓ Not Afraid 4:19 Eminem
✓ I Made It I Made It 4:22 Kevin Rudolf
✓ Thunderstruck The Razors Edge 4:55 AC-DC
✓ Declaration 2:33 Jesse Fisher
✓ Kim Walker / Jesus Culture 8:52 How He Loves Us
✓ O Praise Him (All This for a King) [Live] Remedy Club Tour (Live) 5:39 David Crowder Band
✓ All the Poor & Powerless All the Poor & Powerless 6:08 Sons & Daughters


5 thoughts on “Run for your life……

  1. How about DAT? Proud of you man. Seriously. Going to be fun to watch your journey. Get a Nike+ for your iPod if you don’t have it already. It will really help. Trust me. Or, if you’ve got the iPhone, use the Nike+ app.

    NOW GO!!

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