Why Golf, Why equitas?

The question has to be posed that asks “What do golf, school, orphans, and Africa have to do with a guy from Charlotte?” Well, the answer is simple, love. If you have read my posts for any amount of time, there is an overarching theme of love written on these pages. I have been loved thus I love other people. So….with that being said, Equitas , a local non profit that I am tied to,  is putting on a golf tournament, on Monday, September 20, at the Cedarwood Country Club here in Charlotte, to help raise funds for providing education to the less fortunate in Malawi, Africa. Steve Cook, Equitas founder and personal friend of mine, has a heart to bringing justice to the areas of the world where it is the most absent. His passion, drive, vision, and love for all people are what ties me so strongly to him as a friend and humanitarian. With the help of his wife, Rachael, Equitas has successfully provided food, shelter, water, and education to people in this world who would otherwise not be able to enjoy these basics of life.


Now, this calls for action, go to the Equitas tournament page by clicking here, and register. With every wasted minute, someone, somewhere, will not be provided the basic necessities of life. Be a part of something bigger.


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