The Civil Wars – 8/17/2010

“Oh I don’t love you but I always will” Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars

Last night, Ashley, myself and a few of our friends, attended The Civil Wars show in the NoDa Art District in Charlotte. The venue was The Evening Muse, a quaint, small, coffee-house-esque (if that is even a word) bar nestled on the corner of North Davidson and 36th.

Ash and I were on a date and the night was great for the show. As we were walking up to the door, we bumped into the male of the duo, John Paul White. I asked for a picture, he obliged. He seemed like a genuinely cool dude. We proceed to snag some decent seats and then waited. The show was fun. Joy Williams and Jon Paul together have such a good chemistry. It seems strange that they are each married to someone else. Their writing hits your heart and their delivery is engaging. And as my wife would put it, “Joy Williams has the most perfect voice.”

Every song that was sung was done effortlessly and every note that was attempted was hit. Which is unique for a live show. 🙂 They mixed some of their older stuff with a few new jams and even did a cover of  “You Are My Sunshine”, which was dark, brooding and on point. Just watch the video below.  They did play a new song called “Barton Holler”  which can only be called as Joy put it , “swampy”. And of course, they finished up with their hit, “Poison and Wine“. So John Paul and Joy, if you ever read this, thanks for coming to Charlotte and taking my wife and I out on a date night. GREAT TIMES!


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