A Weekend to Remember

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I know it has been a few weeks but these some of my thoughts from a weekend trip to Traverse City, Michigan to see one of my greatest friends get married. Enjoy.

Best friends, dads, sisters, brothers, wives, and even seagulls were in full effect this past weekend, in Traverse City, Michigan for the wedding of one of my best friends in the world: Jonathan Rubey. As the weekend unfolded there was alot to behold. From seeing old friends, eating great meals, seeing incredible sights, sharing memories with the Mrs., to seeing a great friend tie the knot, giving hi-fives to strangers and even participating in fake laughs. GREAT TIMES WERE HAD! Whether it was Joey embarrassing me by turning things around on me, seeing my beautiful wife enjoy Northern Michigan, watching Jonathan be humbled by marriage, hearing Papa Joe laugh,beautiful scenery, great food, or dominating some golf, again, great times were had! I won’t forget that weekend for quite some time. For those that made it a weekend to remember, thank you! And lastly, Jonathan and Trina, love more and love more often.


2 thoughts on “A Weekend to Remember

  1. You won at golf by luck punk. Joey and I were tired from golfing the day before. LOL! It was great seeing you guys. Lets not make it ten years before we see each other again.

  2. Markie Mark,
    It was great seeing you guys! And trust me…..there was no luck in me beating you down on the links!

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