Jim Joyce vs. Armando Galarraga

I was watching last night’s Detroit Tigers game versus the cleveland indians. (lower case intended. GO TIGERS!) And Armando Galarraga is the pitcher on the mound. With 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth inning and one out away from becoming a baseball immortal by pitching a perfect game, Galarraga gets the final batter to ground out. BUT………the umpire, Jim Joyce, calls the runner safe. Replay after replay show the runner out. This should have been a recorded perfect game. The place goes crazy, boos are loud, and being a Michigan native, I am pretty sure the language was more colorful and crude than a Mark Driscoll sermon. Need less to say, I want you to watch the video and look at Galarraga’s reaction at .28 seconds. He doesn’t flip out, he doesn’t scream, and try to exact revenge….he smiles. He knows the umpire is wrong, he knows he has history in the books, but he just smiles and goes back to pitching. The big question is how do you handle things when someone wrongs you? Armando turning the other cheek should be a pretty strong inspiration.

A side note: watch the runner, Jason Donald. He almost feels bad for being called safe.
Second side note: After the game, umpire Jim Joyce did apologize face to face to Galarraga and the Tigers. Admitting that he blew the call. Big move, as well.


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