I have begun reviewing books for BookSneeze and here is my first review. Brian Tome starts his tag line with this: “I am a fanatic about freedom. And I’m fanatical about coming at you hard in this book. I’m tired of seeing people beaten down by the world’s systems and by religion. I’m sick of seeing people live safe, predictable lives while their God-given passion dies”.

I really need to be careful of how I review this book here. I want it to be known that Brian Tome does write a very nice book, laced with great stories, good points, and is an overall decent book. Brian’s history as a leader and pastor are hard to be negative about but this book is just so so. I found it a bit trite and cliche’. I really wish the freedom that God does offer us would have been expressed in some fresh new way. The old story of pushing the envelope with non believers and believers is old hat. I think this book would be fine to read for a young Christian or even a teenager but with some good discussion with a mature believer to help navigate some of the average ideology. While I agree with brian that people are beaten down by systems and religion unfortunately, I never found myself finding anything applicable in this book. I was hoping for fresh instead, I found reused material. Again, so I can end on a positive note, I don’t find anything WRONG with what he has written theologically, I just feel that it was banality. Great book for a teenager, just not for me. Proceed at your own choice.

*Sorry that I didn’t do what everyone seems to do with Christian authors. They review the authors with a glass jaw, only pointing out the positives and never critiquing. I think if we were honest, most of the books we read could deserve some critiquing so that the information isn’t dispersed the same way.


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