Balik, Dave, and Street Kids

This is Balik.

Balik loves futbol (soccer), dancing, and laughing.

This is Balik’s friend, Dave. They both like rap music and running fast.

These two incredible kids live in Limbe, Malawi. They live at Samaritan Trust, a temporary halfway house/home for street kids. Dave and Balik are street kids. They are two of over 2,500 kids on the streets of this area. They are either orphans, abandoned by their parents, or turned over to the home by their dysfunctional parents. These two young, vibrant, dynamic young men spent time in the streets begging and soliciting money from strangers in order to survive. Let me go on record as saying this, the thought of these two 12 year old’s living like this REALLY SUCKS! But Samaritan Trust has come along and created an environment that takes some of these kids off the streets, feeds them, clothes them, and teaches them a trade; all while being cared for and nurtured. I was honored and humbled to work with these kids while we were in Malawi. And watching my friends come beside them also, made it even that much more better.

P.S. – My main man Salim here, is definitely showing his freestyle R&B/Hip Hop


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