18 days

So in 18 days, Ashley, myself and a team of friends will be arriving in Blantyre, Malawi. Excited doesn’t really even begin to touch the tip of the iceberg. We are beyond exuberant for the upcoming arrival in a land where we have invested out money, thoughts, and prayers towards. I know for me personally, I am beginning to already dread the coming back to the States. How will I be able to leave the poverty behind? How will I eat when I will meet those who often don’t. How will I drink clean water when I will hug the people who so often don’t have the option? Well, the only resolution is that when we get back, we will be better messengers, better doers, better peace makers, better lovers of God and better people from this experience. This is not the end of the story but only the beginning of the continuing relationship with an incredible place. I already know that my heart will forever be tied into Malawi and the people there. So with that, we are 18 days out. be on the lookout for the pictures and the tales of far away lands. 🙂


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