Well, we are wrapping up the Mustaches for Kids fund-raising endeavor and it has been interesting to say the least. Through all of the ridicule, insults, jokes, and even the occasional compliment (ok, the compliment was from an 80 year old woman who I think did not have the best eye sight), I have lasted this long, looking like this! But needless to say, it was more than worth it and I would do it a million more times if it meant more school projects would be funded. Our teachers have invested in these kids and it is the least we can do to help out with their want to help these students in unique ways. SO, I am saying that to say this………help me get to $400 dollars raised. It will go far beyond what you ever know. I know you have heard all of the pleas, from for the cost of a cup of coffee to skip a meal and help support but I really need you guys on this one! Here is the link to the giving page. Give and give freely! For the sake of the stache and for the sake of the kids! Thanks



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