the Stache

My buddy, Steve Cook, aka @stevorevo, gave me a business card on Sunday and asked me if I wanted to grow a mustache to help kids. The best part about the story is that he was not kidding. Seems like there is an organization called Mustaches for Kids and they raise money through donations for schools by having men grow mustaches. I know, right? Me? A mustache? Well, after having a wife put up a slight fight, I have decided to join the venture. The official shaving day is January 14 and for 4 weeks I will grow my mustache as thick and strong as possible,all in hopes of having people (namely you) donate money via my Giving Page. I will be photo-documenting via this blog and my Twitter feed, so enjoy and I look forward to the ridicule. I mean, after all, it’s for the children.

So may the Stache be with me!

BTW….the above pic is an actual family photo from back in the day. Solid work by Uncle Clarence, huh?


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