Primal:A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity

“A heart that breaks for the things that break the heart of God is where love begins. But it doesn’t end there. Energy completes the equation.” pg. 134 of Primal by Mark Batterson

Conviction,sorrow, dedication, commitment, recollection, and overwhelming joy…and that was just chapter 1. I had the opportunity to receive an advance copy of Mark Batterson’s new book, Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity. And let me go on record right now and say, “This dude is wearing me out!” Now,for those of you who aren’t from Flint, Michigan; “wearing someone out” means that your words or actions are cutting to the core of someone’s being or essence. Mark has put motivating words, in combination with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and a call to action, to go back to what the core of our faith is all about. His eloquence, along with an easy to read writing style makes this book far more than enjoyable. It makes it a “can’t put down!”

I have walked away from this book with a more grounded focal point of my faith. A faith, that our fathers, and their fathers were willing to die for.

All I can really say is…READ THIS BOOK, and accept the invitation to be a part of a new reformation, and get ready to take your love for God back to those rich places where you loved God more than you loved life.And that reformation can only start in one place: your own heart.

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