Gramm-Africa 2010

So, it is official!  April 2nd, 2010 , Ashley and I are heading to Malawi, Africa to help with relief efforts in the 3rd poorest nation in the world. We will be teaming up with Equitas, a non profit here in Charlotte that helps fight injustices such as poverty, lack of clean water, and lack of education across the globe.  We are going with a small group and meeting up with our dearest friends, the McCollums and Georges, who are on the ground right now in Malawi. Projects will include but not limited to helping with a well project, visiting and assisting in AIDS awareness and helping at an orphanage. And we need your help…we need to raise approximately $6800 total. See budget below (this is a per person checklist)….

Africa 2009
Airfare (Round trip: Charlotte-Blantyre) $2,200
Travel Insurance $60
Transportation (Malawi) $300
Housing (Malawi) $200
Food (Malawi) $200
Safari (in Malawi) $175
Project $100
Honorarium $75

And that is where you come in, we need donors and we need people praying. Money can be sent directly through the secure site of Equitas here. Just fill in the General Donation point and put Malawi Project-Grammatico in the memo line. Please donate so we can make this trip a reality. You may not be able to go but you can always send! A small amount of money combined with other small amounts of money equals a large amount of money. How about that for public school math?!?! So whether it is one dollar, ten dollars, or a million dollars (that would be awesome, by the way), every amount matters and adds up. And last but not least, this will become even more easily accomplished by you spreading the word. Share the story with your friends, social networks (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc), churches, neighbors, anyone and everyone! Please join us in the adventure of Gramm-Africa 2010.

Huge thanks to Steve Cook Photography and the McCollums and Georges for sharing their photos with me for this blog post. In fact, Steve is selling some of his photos on his site to raise money for clean water wells and continuing education for those underprivileged.


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