It’s Miller Time

img_6411A few weeks ago, Ashley emailed me and let me know that one of my favorite authors was coming to Charlotte for a speaking engagement and on the morning of that speaking engagement, he would be speaking at the Dowd YMCA in uptown Charlotte. So I thought, why not? Except that it was at 7:30 AM. Yes, I said A.M. But needless to say, I signed up and I went this morning. It was humorous, casual, and fun. Exactly what i assume Miller to be like in person. So here are some insights that I gleaned from his spoken words.

* Conflict exists. Not negatively, but to add value to what we accomplish. The best things are so often sweeter when obtained through difficulty.

*Conflict doesn’t always mean fighting, just tension.

*There are 29 million children without fathers in their lives right now. This must be contained. And it can be. With the impact of the local church, we could greatly reduce the numbers of teen suicides, pregnancies, murders, divorces, and abortions. All by just providing mentors. Did you also know that 94% of people in prisons are male? Having solid men of integrity in their lives at a young age would have dramatically helped to shape their futures in a more positive direction. I must do something.

*And my favorite thing to ponder: There was conflict BEFORE the “fall”. For so long I have always heard and been taught that it was perfection in the garden and that there was just nothing but good vibrations happening. You know the Sunday school stories that we have all heard. But just the fact that Adam wasn’t happy (it was not good) alone. So God continued on. The reason that this gets me is that I have always that God created us PERFECT and that when you bring the Jesus factor into your life, then life would be perfect. But the Scriptures are very matter of fact about life being just AS difficult with God as without. I always had this idea that once Jesus came into my life then life would be happy and exciting ALL THE TIME. You now, Joel Osteen style. But the new idea that God is continually creating in me a good thing. That excites me. I am still processing this idea but it sounds beautiful.

BTW, you need to score his new book, A Million Miles in A Thousand Years. million-1


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