5-0, The Hook, Po Po’s, One Time, Barney Fife

5-0So, my wife had surgery this past week and could not attend Watershed with us this morning. So after her urging, Ella and I headed towards Charlotte to hang with our faith community. And as I was coming around the edge on I-77 heading north, there he was…my new friend, Officer Wood. He was outside of his car with a laser gun checking drivers speeds. He drove up to me, and put on some cool lights and approached my car. Well , as I rolled the window down , he was nice enough to inform me that I was driving 87 mph in a 60 mph zone. After our discussion, which included me saying  “yes sir” roughly 47 times, he handed me an invitation to come and hang out at this posh little place in Fort Mill SC called Traffic Court. Needless to say, I left our meeting a little discouraged. Not only does the ticket cost $380 but it will most likely cost me points on my license. So, I have called upon a lawyer friend(I know, that is an oxymoron), to help guide me through the process. But it got me to thinking….we (Christians) have always seemed to discuss and dialogue about how we should obey laws and follow rules, but we seem to listen to that message on Sundays, and then push and toe, and sometimes, step over the line of obedience Monday through Saturday. Isn’t that what led to so many downfalls for so many people throughout Scripture. David, Noah, Sampson, Solomon, Saul, etc….. So, while I do not know if I can drive obediently immediately, I do know that I can attempt. The attempt is for a better life, not just fewer traffic tickets. This is my beginning dialogue of the deepening of my faith through the spiritual disciplines. I will tackle prayer, Scripture memory, silence, meditation, journaling and more. So these next few weeks will be my documenting what is happening in my walk.

Reminder: spiritual maturity is not a byproduct of spiritual disciplines, but spiritual disciplines are a byproduct of spiritual maturity.


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