Ever gone for a hike through a dense, thick forest. You look around and all you see is damp, dark woods. Trees covered in kudzu vines, you take wet steps and see all of the moss growing on everything. It is an area that has been neglected and sometimes never touched. This is, too often, just like our private lives. We have suppressed memories and thoughts we never deal with. But the great thing about ending a hike like this is that peak of sunshine that you feel right before you walk into a full blast of warmth, just outside of the forest. Well, that is how this past week has been for our family. We have gone through a rough bit over the past year but now is the time, through some intense work and hard fought dedication, we have come out shining. The sun (or should we say Son) is shining on our faces!

Photo from: Teresa Teixeira click here to see more of her work


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